Conference "The Maghrib in the Mashriq"

Jue, 20-12-2018; 01:00 hasta Vie, 21-12-2018; 01:00
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diptico_magreb_mashriq.jpgVenue: Residencia de Estudiantes, c/Pinar, 21 (Madrid)

Organized: Maribel Fierro (ILC-CSIC) and Mayte Penelas (EEA-CSIC)
Project AMOI (Contextos locales y dinámicas globales: al-Andalus y el Magreb en el Oriente islámico) FFI2016-78878-R AEI/FEDER,UE, and Project Practicing knowledge in Islamic societies (Anneliese Maier Award 2014, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation)

Secretary: Víctor de Castro (ILC-CSIC)

The project AMOI is a project financed by the Spanish Ministry of Education that aims at mapping the intellectual and cultural impact of the Maghreb in the Islamic world at large. Names such as those of Muḥyī l-dīn Ibn ʽArabī and Ibn Khaldūn immediately come to mind, also that of Maimonides in the case of the Jewish communities in Islamic lands, as well as poetical forms such as the muwashshaḥāt, didactic versifications such as the Alfiyya and the Shāṭibiyya, and a highly successful work on the prerogatives of the Prophet, Qāḍī ʽIyāḍ’s al-Shifāʼ. Less known are contributions in other fields, and also how, when and why they had an impact outside the Maghrib. There were significant changes in the ways knowledge generated in the Islamic West (North Africa excluding Egypt, al-Andalus and Sicily) travelled outside it and in how it was received. At the same time, the representation of the Maghrib in Eastern historical, geographical and biographical works also underwent changes that shed light in how the Maghribi cultural and intellectual production was understood and valued. To this and other aspects a team of senior and younger researchers has been paying attention since December 2016 to culminate in the publication of a collective volumen of studies entitled The Maghrib in the Mashriq.

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