Greek and Latin Philology

Cariátides del Partenón de Atenas. Grupo de Investigación Filología Griega y Latina

Researcher in charge:  Pablo Toribio Pérez


The research carried out by this group, which belongs to the global area of SOCIETY, focuses on the philological analysis, study and interpretation of Greek and Latin texts of different genres and times. This means not only the elaboration of reference works (critical editions, translations, commentaries, dictionaries, bibliographies), but also partial studies of linguistics, lexicography, textual criticism, epigraphy, literature, classical tradition, etc. All this must be viewed in the context of the unquestionable survival and the fruitful influence of the Greco-Latin culture on yesterday's and today's Western culture.

The group is structured in three "sub-groups":
1. Greek Philology and Lexicography.
2. Greek philology of Byzantine, Ottoman and modern times.
3. Latin Philology and Biblical Studies.

The group is actively involved in Open Science initiatives through the publication of its results in institutional repositories and the development of applications in Open Access.


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