Institute of Languages ​​and Cultures of the Mediterranean and the Near East

Mission and vision

The  Institute of Languages and Cultures of the Mediterranean and the Near East (ILC) has as its fundamental goal the study of languages and cultures of the Mediterranean basin and the Near East. This study is carried out on original texts and from a multidisciplinary perspective.

The ILC has as a goal to study cultures in their different manifestations for whose adequate understanding it is indispensible to know in depth the languages and texts of each individual tradition. Any linguistic, literary, cultural, social or historical phenomenon is taken into consideration in order to improve our understanding of its culture of origin, by establishing relevant comparison, opposition of typological parallelism.

The fundamental thematic lines of the research carried out in ILC encompass the languages and cultures of the ancient Near East, classical culture of ancient Greece and Rome, along with its continuation in the Byzantine and Neo-Greek world, as well as in the Latin Middle Ages and the Neo-Latin world, biblical culture and the Hebrew language, Spanish-Jewish world and its Sephardic continuation, the Arabic language and Islam, as well as the study of the processes of cultural production and transmission.


In addition to the different research projects carried out in the ILC and the scientific production with its multiple connected activities, it is worth noting the impact of the publications edited and directed by members of the Institute in the form of periodical publications (Journals Al-QantaraEmerita and Sefarad) and seven editorials collections.

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Our Institute is in Madrid, in the Center for Human and Social Sciences (CCHS-CSIC), in Albasanza St. 26-28