Congreso:Humanizing digitalization. Digitizing Humanities



Online Congress

Organized by Enrique Capdevila (IH) and Arturo Guerrero (EuQu-ILC)

MEDhis/Petrifying Wealth/EuQu




October, 20

9:00-9:15: Mercedes García-Arenal (ILC): “Opening remarks”

9:15-9:30: Arturo Guerrero Enterría (ILC)/ Enrique Capdevila Montes (IH): “General Introduction”

Session 1: Text Analysis

9:30-10:00:     Alicia González Martínez (Cobhuni-Universidad de Hamburgo): “Challenges on script encoding and search for studying textual heritage”

10:00-10:30:   Maxim Romanov (OpenITI-University of Vienna): “OpenITI: the Corpus for the Field”

10:30-11:00:   Coffee break

11:00-11:30:   Mouhamadoul Wéle (Qur'an 12-21): “Undertaking critical, digital and parallelized editions of Qur'ān translations: Qurʾān 12-21 website scientific and technical challenges”

11:30-12:00:   Naima Afif (EuQu-Copenhagen)      Multilingual Parallel Corpora: Tools and Methodology applied to Early Modern Hebrew Translations of the Qur’an)

12:00-12:30    Pablo Roza (EuQu-Naples): “Encoding the Spanish Aljamiado Qur’ān corpus”

12:30-13:30:   Discussion

Session 2: Databases

9:00-9:30:       César González-Pérez (INCIPIT-CSIC): “Database design through conceptual modelling / Diseñando bases de datos mediante modelado conceptual”

9:30-10:00:     Dirk van Miert (Skillnet): “Datafication in intellectual history: enriching the way of carrying out research”.

10:00-10:30:   Pieter François (Seshat): “Harnessing Big Historical Data: the Seshat Global History Databank”

10:30-11:00:   Coffee break

10:45-11:15:   Nicolas Perreaux (Université Paris 1): “Cartae Europae Medii Aevi (CEMA), a European corpus of medieval charters and its documentary echoes: issues, methods, possibilities”

11:15-11:45:   Manuel Molina (ILC-CSIC): “Databases and network analysis: how to reconstruct the historical geography of southern Mesopotamia in the Third Millennium B.C.”

11:45-12:15:   Daniel Riaño Rufilanchas (ILC-CSIC): “Callimachus: a modern regest of ancient Greek papyri”

12:30-13:30:   Discussion

13:15-13:30:   Ana Rodríguez (IH): “Final remarks”


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