Publicadas las Actas del Congreso "Mediterráneos: An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Cultures of the Mediterranean Sea"

Throughout history, different cultural traditions, all of them with considerable linguistic diversity, have flourished and converged in the Mediterranean and Near Eastern regions. The International Conference of Junior Researchers in Mediterranean and Near Eastern Languages and Cultures provided a transverse and interdisciplinary framework of discussion and reflection on the intellectual and cultural production of the Mediterranean and the Near East, from its earliest stages to the present.
This book is the result of the analysis of the different political, religious and social trends of thought, material culture, and artistic, literary and linguistic expressions brought together in this geographical area, highlighting the scope of this blend of traditions within different space-time surroundings.
Eds.: Sergio Carro Martín (ILC,CCHS-CSIC), Arturo Echavarren (ILC, CCHS-CSIC), Esther Fernández Medina, Daniel Riaño Rufilanchas, Katja Šmid (ILC,CCHS-CSIC), Jesús Téllez Rubio (ILC,CCHS-CSIC) and David Torollo Sánchez (ILC,CCHS-CSIC) .