Local contexts and global dymanics: al-Andalus and the Maghreb in the Islamic East (AMOI)

Reference: FFI2016-78878-R

Beginning date of the project: 30-12-2016

End date of the project: 29-12-2020

Plan Nacional Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad, Proyectos Retos, 2017-2020.


Tabs group


The aim of the AMOI project is to study how, when and why knowledge produced in the Islamic West—a context that tends to be considered local—spread in a wider context, that of the Islamic community, and which changes and innovations were associated to that process.

The cultural projection and the intellectual impact of the Islamic societies of al-Andalus and the Maghreb (present-day Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya) in the rest of the Islamic world and the associated changes brought about by them will be analyzed through those social agents who produced written culture, i.e. the specialists in the different branches of knowledge. Practices linked to the pedagogical process facilitated the spread, outside their societies, of innovations brought about by Andalusi and Maghrebi ulama’ (specialists in religious knowledge), scholars, and men of the pen. Although there have been some case-studies, we lack a general study dealing with the impact they had, why and how it took place. Such study, to be carried out in this project, will allow the assessment of the Andalusi and Maghrebi contribution to Islamic culture.

A research team made up of members specialized in religion, law, literature and historiography will explore in which fields of knowledge there was a noticeable Andalusi and Maghrebi contribution that marked later developments outside the original local context.