Research projects

Contextos locales y dinámicas globales: al-Andalus y el Magreb en el Oriente Islámico (AMOI)

The aim of the AMOI project is to study how, when and why knowledge produced in the Islamic West—a context that tends to be considered local—spread in a wider context, that of the Islamic community, and which changes and innovations were associated to that process.

The cultural projection and the intellectual impact of the Islamic societies of al-Andalus and the Maghreb (present-day Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya) in the rest of the Islamic world and the associated changes brought about by them will be analyzed through those social agents...


ITN programs are designed to combine scientific research with an intensive training trajectory for young scholars in order to equip them with the necessary comprehensive knowledge and skills. These researchers work in an inter-sectoral, interdisciplinary and international environment to deepen their knowledge and to find answers to pressing contemporary societal issues.

The MIDA-project rests on the premise that digitisation and technological innovations have a tremendous impact on Islam, the effects of which are diverse and ubiquitous. They...


This three-year project will be exploring cultures of rationality in the medieval and early modern Islamic West (that is, al-Andalus and North Africa). We will be examining the doctrinal history of Maghribi and Andalusian Ashʿarism from a longue-durée perspective. Historically, Ashʿarism is the most important strand of kalām (rational theology) in Sunni Islam, and it still has a huge following and influential role in modern Morocco.

The project seeks to address the overall issue of how theologians view the relation between reason and religious...